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Nearly everyone is exposed to risk in some way, shape or form and it’s important for people to protect against the risks they face when protection is available. Personal insurance can help Maine residents shield themselves from many of the risks that they’re exposed to.


Personal insurance encompasses a range of insurance products that are created for individuals. These products are distinct from “commercial insurance” or “business insurance’ products, which are meant for organizations.


The vast majority of Maine residents can benefit from at least some form of insurance and almost everyone should consider whether coverage makes sense for them. Most people will find that certain coverages do make sense to purchase.

This doesn’t mean that everyone needs the same insurance, however. There are many different personal policies that insurance companies offer and different policies may be useful to different individuals. An insurance agent who specializes in personal policies can help residents determine which policies are right for them.

What Kinds of Personal Policies Are Available from Insurance Companies?

While most everyone should have at least some insurance in place, not everyone has the same protection needs. In order to meet people’s diverse risk mitigation needs, insurance companies underwrite many different types of insurance policies. A few of the more common policies that people frequently get include:
     ● Homeowners Insurance
     ● Renters Insurance
     ● Auto Insurance
     ● Boat Insurance
     ● Life Insurance
In many cases, these broad categories themselves encompass several different types of policies. Homeowners policies, for instance, can come with several different optional coverages, and they may be used to insure a primary or secondary residence.

How Do Insurance Companies Determine Policies’ Premiums?

Insurance companies often take many different factors into account when they set premiums for personal policies. The exact factors that insurers consider vary both by company and by policy type. The following are a few items that often can influence premiums, though:
     ● What coverages, deductibles and limits are chosen
     ● Where an insured property is located
     ● How large or valuable an insured property is
     ● What security systems help protect the insured property
     ● What the policyholder’s age, gender and marital status are
     ● How many claims the policyholder has filed in recent years

How Can Residents Save on Insurance Policies?

One of the best ways to find affordable insurance is to compare policy options with a knowledgeable and independent agent. A knowledgeable agent will be able to assist with policy and coverage recommendations and they can show multiple options that different insurers are offering. This makes it easy to see what different companies will charge in a specific situation for a given set of coverages.

Residents often can also reduce their insurance premiums by taking advantage of discounts that they qualify for. Almost everyone who needs more than one type of insurance can get a multi-policy discount by bundling two or more policies together with the same insurer. Other potential discounts include pay-in-full, loyalty, claims-free and security-related discounts. An agent can check for all the discounts that an individual might be able to secure.

How Long Does It Take To Purchase Insurance?

With the help of an agent, procuring insurance is a fairly straightforward process that usually doesn’t take too long. Most quotes can be obtained quite quickly and issuing a policy is often a streamlined process after a particular quote is selected. If there is an issue during the underwriting or issuing of a policy, an agent can help resolve the matter as fast as possible.

How Can Maine Residents Get Personal Insurance?

For help finding personal insurance that you might need, contact the Trusted Choice agents at Rousseau Insurance. Our agents work with many different insurers that offer policies in Maine and we’re ready to help make sure you’re well-protected.

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